Marine UV Protection Film which is made in USA & is designed to give you many advantages :

- Applied on boat glass to protect fabric & upholstery from direct sunlight.

- Reduces direct heat on dashboards, sofas, etc.

- Cuts 99% Uv Rays.

- Eliminates between 50% to 85% of heat. (Depends which film is applied )

- Gives your boat/yacht a modern look from outside in silver reflective/black colour/bronze finish & more..

- Also, the material is used on smaller boats to add that extra look on the glass, faded perspex or to revive the colour on older perspex which usually turns to purple during time . 

Here one can notice the glare reduction on the 2 left windows installed with

SunGard Uv

window film.

Black UV window film can also give that outstanding sport look on your boat.

Before Installing Sungard Window Film

After installing Sungard Window Film