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Window tint benefits :

1. Better Driving

2. Theft safety & Privacy

3. Upholstery Protection

4. Shatter Proofing Glass

5. Keeping inside Cooler

6. Glare Reduction

At our shop, we offer 2 different

brands of window tints 

Standard Solar Material :

30% Anti-scratch, 30% UV protection, Fine edges on roll-up windows, Rear window in 2 pieces

Premium SunGard Material :  

Engineered to deliver higher standard performance, SunGard window tint is known for its quality, colour stability, and durable scratch-resistant coating. Made in USA, 100% Anti-scratch, 99% UV Protection, 50% Fabric UV Protection, Fine Edges on roll-up windows, Material designed for long term use & will not fade or change its original colour during the time , Rear window in 1 full piece.